The Mayor shares a Big Breakfast with Year 6 Pupils

Ealing Mayor shares some Snap, Crackle and Pop!

On Monday 9th May 2014, the Mayor of Ealing, Councillor Kamaljit Dhindsa, will be sharing a healthy breakfast with our Year 6 pupils as part of the Healthy Schools project.  The Mayor was invited to visit and last week he accepted!

The Mayor will be attending school breakfast at 8:30 am where pupils will be able to enjoy a bowl of cereal and a croissant! The pupils will also have a chance to ask the Mayor any questions about local issues important to them.

More news to come!

Nature’s perfume

This morning, we ventured off into the woods for an Earth Walk, where we made our own “smelly potions”.  Here are our instructions to make your own smelly potion.

This is how to make Fragrant Nature:

You need:

1 fern leaf, 2 dry leaves, 3 twigs, 1 clover leaf, some moss, 4 silver birch leaves, a small bowl and a little muddy water.

  1. First, take the bowl and add 1 clover leaf with a bit of mud.
  2. Next, add 1 fern leaf and grind the mixture together.
  3. Then,place the 2 dry leaves at the bottom of the bowl.
  4. After that, place 4 silver birch leaves on the edge of the container.
  5. Crush the mixture till its nice.
  6. Finally, leave the bowl to dry and then your Nature perfume is made.

Warning: Don’t put the perfume on yourself!!!!

By Avneet,Sabiha and Prem



The Last Night

Last night, we went to the mysterious maze. It was great!  It was really exciting because it was pitch black! In addition, we used our torches, aswell as  our night vision, to find our way through.

We had 3 challenges; one of them was to walk through the maze,  another was to locate letters on posts found in the maze, to make a word or phrase –  the phrase was “we are not lost.”  But the letters were written backwards!

The third challenge was to race out of the maze. The winners would win a twix pack. The winners for the race were Ahsan and Eklavya, their time was 59 seconds. It was a small maze ,so they finished it quickly. In second place were Sabiha and Avneet, their time was 1 min and 2 sec. In third place, were Kevin and Karamvir who finished after 1min and 3sec. It was all so very intense!

After all the maze games, we went to our dormotary and watched a DVD (Monsters Inc) and ate popcorn. We felt so happy!

By Ahsan,Simran and Harmaan.

Rapid River Study

This afternoon we went to the local river, called Coneyhurst Gill. We were all given a clipboard and an activity sheet and while half of our group wrote down the river depth and the other half drew a labelled diagram of the river.

The  teachers who were with us, helped us by placing the name cards in their correrct  places. Their names were Amilia and Delyth. They taught us important words like:

Then we got into groups of 3 and took turns to enter the river, so that we could measure its depth. Most of the people say that the length of the river was 20cm. Also children say that the depth is about 35cm. I think that the outside depth of the outside of the river was deeper then the inside one.


Activity Day!

Today we took part in 3 different activities; Archery, ropes course and team challenges.  They were great activities to do. They were very challening activities but we still completed them all! Our favourite was the ropes course, which consisted of  a Tarzan swing, where we had to hold on to a long rope and swing across a gigantic space… into an enormous cargo net. We felt excited… like Tarzan!

Next, it’s time for the river study.

From Karamvir and Yuvraj


Sayers Croft Field Centre Visit 2014

At Sayers Croft, we have been doing many activites. One of them was climbing Pitch Hill, it was sooo much fun because we had to jump over styles and stumble through the mud. Every night, we are given hot chocolate and play games such as the Yes and No game (A game in which you’re not allowed to say “yes” or “no” while someone is asking you questions.)

Last night at Sayers Croft, we had a Camp fire and we told scary stories to each other. For some children, the stories were too scary but other children felt comfortable. Throughout our stay we have writen all we have learned about Sayers Croft in a dairy of our own.

More comments to follow!

By Kevin and Ramandeep


We’re back again!

Dear parents and pupils,

we’re sorry we haven’t been updating the school blog recently.

We will be posting the latest newsletter next week and also writing about our fun and exciting BOOK WEEK that will be taking place this week.

Forthcoming events: week beginning 6th February…


Y6 Drama Workshops. Book fair 3:30-4:15


Y4 and 5 Drama Workshops.


Book Fair 3:30 – 4:15pm


Book Fair 3:30-4:15


Pupils may come to school DRESSED AS A BOOK CHARACTER.

Descendents Awards Evening – 8th July 2011

On Friday 8th July, the Descendents Awards were held at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel, Ealing, to celebrate the achievements of pupils of African and Afro-Caribbean heritage.

Three of our pupils were nominated for their incredible efforts and achievements: Al-Amin Miller, Mohamud Mohamed and Iqra Ismail.

Wonderfully, Iqra Ismail won the “Female Student of the Year” award. Here is her account of the evening!

A Hectic Evening

 At home is where the chaos and panic began. I arrived home to find my mother was nowhere to be seen. I called her shop several times until finally my sister picked up.
“Where’s Mum?” I questioned anxiously.
“She’s on the bus. Don’t worry she’s on her way.” My anger was rapidly covered by my relief. Phew!
  All most seconds afterwards, my mum called. She told me why she was late and that I should take a bath, eat ect.
Half an hour later, I was ready however, my mum was still looking for something to wear.Another half hour passed and We were both ready however (again) the previously scheduled taxi was yet to come and, when it did, we were fifteen minutes late.
  We arrived at the hotel and, at first, we didn’t know that it was the right place until Ms Jones showed up and reassured us of our whereabouts.We waited for about half an hour until they began with a performance by Vuka  Africa high school. Some of the students played the marimba, an African instrument that was similar to the xylophone.During which, our meal was served:
Starter: Chicken
Main course: Rice and Naan.
Dessert: Strawberry Meringue with bits of fruit.
  Subsequently cam the moment of truth. They went through most categories until the came to the one I was shortlisted for:Female student of the year.Sure enough there was my name, third one down. A nominee. I was trembling.
“The award for Female student of the year goes to…..IQRA ISMAIL!!” The clapping began as I walked towards the presenter. Clap, clap, clap! I was astonished at the fact that I even got into the top three nominees.I stood with my award in my hands, waiting for the picture to be taken. That may have been the best night of my life and that moment was the highlight.

A true story by Iqra Ismail.

Well done Iqra and congratulations to all 3 of our nominees!